Help the Handloom Weavers Survive Amid the Pandemic

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The Covid-induced lockdown has wreaked havoc on the lives of people from communities across the globe. For years, weavers have been striving towards a sustainable working environment where they can preserve the art of handloom weaving and feed their families at the same time.

Handloom weaving provides direct employment to over 65 lakh families, but it is fast losing its importance.

Creative Bee is an organization that has been working with the weaver community for over 25 years. Bina Rao started Creative Bee as a humble design studio that has evolved into a not-for-profit organization that has been striving to produce world-class handmade textiles keeping sustainability and livelihood creation at the heart of it all. 

Handloom is one of the largest economic activities, considered by many to be the second-largest community of working individuals in rural India. 

Bina Rao has always ensured that all of their rural partners are treated fairly and that they and their families have consistent work. They work with the belief that by collaborating with these producer families and helping them earn the full price of their hard work is a step towards empowering them to give their children a better life. 

They have been working with Koyyalagudem, a modest village in Telangana for more than 20 years. It’s one of the first mutually aided ikkat weaver women cooperative society.


These weavers are known to produce one of the finest ikat sarees, fabrics, and bed covers. This village has over 1000+ families whose livelihood runs only through the handloom.”, said Bina Rao

Today, these families are struggling to survive this crisis. These weavers are trying to untie the lockdown knot. Many of these families come from situations where if there isn’t enough work on the loom, then there isn’t any food on the table. 

Gauging the current scenario, these weavers might not find work for a long time. Many of them earn as little as Rs. 3000 which makes it hard for them to eke out a living and to have any kind of savings. 

It’s been over 90 days since their work has been affected and today, they’re struggling to feed their families. It’s these times that remind us of the true power of humanitarian aid. The little that you can contribute towards helping these families can give them hope to move forward. 

We urge you to come forward and help these weavers. You can help one family, five families, ten or even twenty families. 

Weave a social fabric of change in their life by donating as little as you can. Give these families the ray of hope they deserve. 

About Creative Bee - Established in 1995, Creative Bee had its humble beginning as a design studio. The founders Bina and Keshav Rao, who are both Designers and Artists by profession, decided to create a one-stop solution for fashion and lifestyle brands that did not possess in-house design capabilities. At Creative Bee, it has always been their endeavor to produce world-class handmade textiles keeping sustainability and livelihood creation at the heart of it all. They have always ensured that all our rural partners are treated fairly and that they and their families have consistent work.

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