“There is so much misinformation doing the rounds about mental health and the stigma around it. It is important that we dismiss those myths and encourage more and more people to talk about mental health – that is one very important way workplaces can While there is still a long way to go, open discussions and the willingness to accept the changing ideas of wellness is what will help us grow more,”Charita Cariappa, Senior Manager – Content. 

Here are some common myths about mental illnesses that we have busted: 

Myth –  What is depression? It’s a phase! They’re doing all this to grab some attention 

Fact – Depression is a common mental health condition resulting from a complex interaction of social, psychological, and biological factors. Depression can affect anyone regardless of their socioeconomic status or how good their life appears at face value. So much so, people can even experience depression and(or) anxiety without any easily identifiable triggers or causes. 

Myth People suffering from mental illnesses are weak. 

Fact – A mental health condition has nothing to do with being weak or lacking willpower. It is not in anyone’s hands to be mentally ill, much like several other illnesses. In fact, recognizing the need to accept help for a mental health condition requires great strength and courage.  

MythWhy should I care about mental health? I have not been diagnosed with any illness. 

Fact – It is very important that we give mental health the utmost priority. Our well-being needs to be holistic and we should be taking care of not just our physical wellness but also our mental and emotional ones. 

MythA person with a diagnosed mental health condition has a low IQ 

Fact – It is a condition that doesn’t differentiate between low or high-IQ people. It can affect anyone. 

MythPeople with mental illnesses are not fit for work 

Fact – The majority of people with mental health issues can be as productive as individuals without mental health disorders. While sometimes it might get difficult due to the severity of the mental health condition, the right kind of help at the right time, a congenial workplace, and understanding management can help people go a long way.  

Myth Therapists are a waste of money – I have my friends!  

Fact – It is important to acknowledge that therapists are trained individuals who through a variety of techniques and structures help us overcome our problems. While talking to a friend can be a relief at times, a trained therapist can address issues constructively and in ways that even the best of friends cannot match.