In the current society, corporate giving has no longer remained a choice — it has become a necessity. By showing the world that it contributes sufficiently to make the world a better place to live in, a company can present its good image for everyone to see. However, this aspect of corporate giving is not limited to how the company gives but also how it supports its employees in creating much-needed change.

Here are a few brands that have excelled in the art of corporate giving, becoming examples for others in their fields:

1. Dell EMC

Dell EMC is one of the biggest companies that have perfected the art of corporate giving, both to its employees and the community. Not only does the company empower its employees by giving them their due recognition and appreciation, but Dell EMC also creates opportunities so that employees can contribute to social causes they believe in. By creating opportunities to donate to supporting education as well as food, water, and disaster relief causes, Dell EMC instigates a sense of charity and giving among its employees by doing so itself.

2. The ALDO Group

The ALDO Group is a stalwart in this category, having created an internal program, highfive, to enable employees to contribute to causes through volunteering. With the number of volunteers having tripled since 2014, the program allows employees to volunteer and donate to the cause they wish to donate to. With each volunteer employee given the title of ambassador, ALDO sufficiently recognises their efforts and supports them, doing good in its own way while cultivating the philanthropic nature of its employees at the same time.

3. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank engages its employees in the “Be a Santa” campaign, where the employees play secret Santas to underprivileged children. Organised and executed in collaboration with Donatekart, the initiative enables the employees to ensure that they can contribute to the nation’s future by supporting these children in various forms. And the campaign is organised every year, making such efforts consistent and increasingly more beneficial every year.

4. Lumen Technologies

Like HDFC Bank, Lumen is also associated with Donatekart to make the world a better place for the less privileged. By empowering employees to donate essentials to underprivileged children and adults, they feel like they are playing their part in improving society. Help is given in food, books, blankets, sweaters, and other essentials needed to survive the cold and bitter winters. In this manner, by facilitating and supporting such philanthropic activities, Lumen is making its workplace better each day at a time.

Such efforts help make society better and increase the sense of belonging and philanthropy among the employees. As a result, such feelings can ultimately encourage them to regularly donate to charity, even without help from their employers. And with the assistance of Donatekart, many more enterprises have succeeded in following the same route, although in many different ways.

With the many different corporate models supported by Donatekart, the future of corporate giving in India is indeed bright.