According to the report by the National Survey of India, our country’s literacy rate in 2022 was 77.7%, with Kerala having the highest literacy rate at 96.2%. While these statistics give one hope, a 2021 report stated that nearly 15 crore students were out of school.

This is a staggering number, and while the pandemic played a part in increasing it, there are still thousands of children whose parents can’t afford to even buy them a pencil, let alone send them to school.

Sending Their Kids To School Is A Far-Off Dream For Many

The cost of educating one child in urban areas is said to be three times the expenditure in rural areas. However, daily wagers who migrate from villages to find work in the city earn an average of around Rs. 178 per day, with prices varying based on geographical locations and the kind of work they do. This amount is barely enough to feed themselves and their families – sending their children to a school with quality education is a far-off dream for many.

However, in rural areas, the average income ranges from Rs. 8,000 to 14,000, depending on the household income source (agriculture versus non-agriculture). The average amount spent per student at the pre-primary level alone in one year is Rs. 5,655 in rural areas and can go up to over Rs. 9,000 for higher secondary education. This means that parents have to spend more than half of their income to educate their children. In households with more than one child, the cost is even higher.

There are countless families that have to choose between educating their child and getting a meal to survive the day, and often end up choosing the latter when all they want is a better life for their children.

Is There A Silver Lining?

So many children are forced to drop out of school due to poverty, and the one thing that can help change their situation is consistent support. While there are several NGOs working to uplift and educate underprivileged children in India, they can’t continue to do so without additional help.

This is where the Donatekart Social Investment Plan (DK-SIP) comes in. This monthly giving program is an easy, hassle-free and transparent way to support a child’s education every month. By donating as less as Rs. 100 every month, you can support the education of a child through our partner NGOs.

By supporting this cause, you will:

– Educate hundreds of underprivileged kids
– Build a bright and secure future for hundreds
– Support their dreams

Countless children have already benefitted from DK-SIP
. They have received school bags, stationery items like notebooks, crayons, geometry boxes and more. However, this is only the beginning. There are thousands more who could use the support.

One small step can change a child’s future. Sign up for the DK-SIP here.