“…I don’t want the future generations of people with disabilities to experience an India that does not include them.”Javed Abidi, Famous Disability Rights Activist

The way society perceives individuals with disabilities has changed dramatically over the past decades. Legal frameworks have been put in place to promote social, economic, and educational status for the specially abled. More notably, private and government sector institutions and employers have taken initiatives to empower them and give them the same opportunities as others. 

The plight of disabled individuals in India 

In India, People With Disabilities (PWDS) have lesser access to necessities like accessible prescription drugs and educational materials. The issue of restricted access to public spaces is an eye-opening illustration of how PWDs are subjected to discrimination. Public areas like hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, airports, train stations, etc., lack the amenities required to cater to them. Insufficiency of height-adjustable exam tables in health facilities for patients with physical disabilities, a shortage of Braille or concise signposts for those with vision or hearing impairments, an absence of well-lit, obstruction-free pathways for those with impaired vision, a lack of adequately built ramps, and slippery or irregular surfaces, are common.

The need to eliminate barriers in our society 

Society must remove the obstacles that disabled people face and accept them as equitable and respected community members. Even while we are trying to be more inclusive, there is a long way to go. Very few significant steps have been made to herald fairness in the case of disabled individuals. We need to make laws fair, just, humane, and equitable so that PWDs can lead comfortable life. 

Suggestions for removing barriers in public spaces 

Here are a few things we can do as a society to support people with disabilities: 

The government has set strong regulations for public spaces, including hotels, taxis, and other establishments, all governed by stringent guidelines and standards about providing accessibility, facilities, and equal treatment for the disabled. It may take a lot of time and be technically challenging; however, it is imperative that we make the world inclusive for everyone with every additional effort.