The Indian street dogs or “Indies” are friendly and loyal dogs found throughout the country. They are native to India and are well-adapted to the tropical weather. However, until recently, they weren’t thought of as pets deserving the same status as other dog breeds. They are such a common sight on the streets that we take them for granted. While these dogs are just as loving, intelligent and loyal, there are no shortage of myths that stop people from adopting them. Here are some of the myths about the Indies you are most likely to come across:

1. Myth: Indies are unhygienic and carry diseases


All dogs become unhygienic and carry diseases when left to fend for themselves on the streets! These dogs have no one to care for them by giving healthy food, frequent baths, vaccination shots and regular visits to the vet. Indies that are properly cared for are some of the healthiest dogs you will find.

2. Myth: Indies are aggressive and dangerous dogs


Aggression seen among indie dogs is almost always because of their circumstances. Indies do not chase or bite people without reason. Quite often these reactions are triggered by past trauma such as being beaten, chased or run over by vehicles. Indies that are raised with respect and kindness reciprocate the gesture and are just as loving as other pedigree dogs.

3. Myth: Stray dogs do not make good pets


If you see an Indie with a collar by itself roaming the streets, it was most likely abandoned by its owner or has lost its way. Indies are highly loyal dogs that seldom leave their owners. Dogs that are not neutered might stray during the breeding season. However, they find their way back home soon after. Indies that were not raised as pets since they were puppies will have problems when confined as they are accustomed to roaming freely on the streets.

4. Myth: Indies are difficult to train


Indies are smart and fast learners. Once they are put in a controlled environment that they are comfortable with, they can be domesticated and trained. The training can proceed as any other dog training with lots of treats, praise and patience.

5. Myth: Indies are not as smart as pedigree dogs


Indies are highly intelligent, energetic, alert and territorial. They can be trained as outstanding guard dogs. Let’s not forget that these dogs survive on the streets with barely anything and make it through stiff competition for food and shelter!

Most myths about the Indies are baseless claims and misconceptions. They make great pets and guard dogs just as well as other dog breeds.

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