There are a few things that can be compared to what you feel when you donate to an important cause. And it’s probably this feeling of positivity, joy, and knowing you’ve made an impact that makes millions of people around the world donate to causes close to their hearts every single day. Many also spend their time volunteering with NGOs and doing their bit for those in need.

However, in the recent past, crowdfunding platforms have become an important medium for NGOs to raise funds and get the support of people across the world. But all of this is not without scepticism and worry about where the donor’s money is going.

To increase trust, transparency, and impact, Donatekart has introduced its monthly giving program, the Social Investment Plan, so that donors can now have the opportunity to donate to their favourite causes every month. Donatekart is the only crowdfunding platform in India that lets its donors donate directly towards products, and the Social Investment Plan is a great way to make a larger impact.

Why Should You Choose To Donate Monthly On Donatekart?

1. Long-Term Impact:

You can make a difference by giving small amounts of money every month which will create a lasting impact throughout the year. With a monthly donation, you can provide thousands with a better future.

2. Transparent and Convenient:

Donatekart’s unique model of donating products makes the entire donation process extremely transparent — you know exactly what you’re giving and where it’s going.

3. Monthly Updates:

You will get regular updates about your donations and how they have been utilized.

4. Avail Tax Benefits:

For every contribution you make, you can get an 80G certificate which helps you save on taxes.

5. Rewards:

As a gesture of thankfulness for making valuable donations, Donatekart also provides a chance to win great rewards every time you donate to a cause.

How It Works:

You can sign up for the Social Investment Plan in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the mission you would like to support
  3. Choose the amount you want to donate every month
  4. Complete the payment process

And you’re done! Your chosen amount will not be automatically deducted every month. But don’t worry, you can cancel this anytime you want to.

Donating a little every month is a long-term investment — towards a better future for those who have no one to support them. Consistent support can go a long way in ensuring that countless people and animals receive the timely help they need. By giving a little every month, you’re slowly but surely building a better future for many.

As they say, a little kindness can do wonders.

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