Donate a school bag, help keep a child in school

There must have been a time in your childhood when your bag was torn and you were embarrassed to carry it to school. Your parents must have fixed it or replaced it with a new one. Sadly, there are millions of children in our country who live with that embarrassment every day. Many of them don’t even have parents.

Something as simple as a school bag is out of reach for most children. Majority of the children studying in government schools do not have a school bag or basic amenities which motivate them to go to school.

This campaign is to encourage these kids to be at school and support them with amenities that will help them in their daily school program. The donated items would be distributed among children from low income and marginalized communities.

One schoolbag donated by you will have the power to keep a child in school. You can change a child’s life and gift them a better future. 

Beneficiary NGOs:


1) Voice of Slum: This NGO’s mission is to assimilate street children into mainstream society by providing them with quality education,  exposure, and access to opportunities. The NGO is run by those born in slums(Dev Pratap and Chandni Khan), who have been through it all. They now want to help other slum kids have a better life.


Where is Voice of Slum located? 

House number; 78/3, Gali Number; 3, Village chhalera, Near chhalera bus stand, Dadri Road. Near Garg Medical Store. Noida, Sector 44. Uttar Pradesh - 201301; India


2) Child Help Foundation: Child Help Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping neglected and needy children. They work towards projects like - basic education for children, healthcare, intervention etc. They also actively help in disaster rescue and relief operations across the country. 


Where is Child Help Foundation located? 

4/F1, 35, Court Chambers, Near SNDT Women College, New Marine Line, Mumbai - 400020.


3) Asha Kuteer: ASHA KUTEER Children Home is a non-profit organization located in the outskirts of Hyderabad with Now total kids are 106 (40 girls, 36 boys and 30 visually challenged boys). Most of the orphanages only serve the basic needs of orphans , but in Asha Kuteer deals with both basic needs & emotional health.


Where is Asha Kuteer located? 

Phase 4, Venkatadri Twp IV Phase, Venkatadri Twp, Pocharam, Hyderabad, Telangana 500088


3) Mrida: Mrida Education and Welfare Society was founded in April 2016 by alumni of the Indian School of Business Hyderabad, St. Xavier's College Mumbai, XIM Bhubaneswar and Hindu College. Our vision is to work intensely and holistically with children belonging to Gond and Baiga tribes in the tribal hinterland of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh.

Where is Mrida located?



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