The social sector has seen a tremendous amount of growth and support over the last few years in India. With crowdfunding platforms growing from strength to strength, especially amid the crisis, there has also been a rise in the number of people switching careers with the aim to create an impact. But the question remains – what does it actually take to crack an interview in the social sector?

“We look for people with motivation, initiative, and a willingness to work in the social sector. Regardless of how they decided to start their career – whether it’s engineering, teaching or retail for example – we’re open to most profiles. The biggest quality I look for in a candidate is empathy. The social sector runs on empathy and anyone who’s able to display that during their conversations and the interview process definitely has an upper hand,” says Shikha Paul Ekka,HR Manager , Donatekart.

While empathy can take you a long way, it also adds an extra edge to have previous experience working with NGOs or even volunteering at organizations.

Due to the novelty of the crowdfunding space, many people are only just understanding how these platforms work. However, it’s imperative to do research about the company and the job description before applying.

“Although we do tell them about our company in detail during our initial discussions, it always adds value when a candidate has gone that extra mile to do their research.”

The HR team at Donatekart has sat through several interview processes, and they all unanimously agree that something that stands out for them in a candidate is his/her/their vision, even if it’s short-term.

“It’s important for us to know why people are applying for a particular role and why they’re making a switch to the social sector. It’s a big plus point.”

One of the biggest concerns among people looking for jobs is regarding what questions they need to ask their interviewer. What you ask, and how you ask, makes a big difference.

Navya Regode, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Donatekart shares some helpful tips “A candidate can ask anything from what the vision of the company is, the work culture, what the scope for learning and development is, or even how their work will be evaluated. The right questions can go a long way. Especially in a company like Donatekart where the co-founders take time and effort to speak to the candidate regardless of the position they’re applying for.”

All in all, the social sector is an open and dynamic space that’s welcoming to new talent. 

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