Stories are everywhere nowadays. Our social media feeds are filled with people talking about their personal journeys, with some success stories, some stories of pain – but there’s never a dearth of them. It can be easy to get lost in this sea of stories, where sometimes people’s efforts go unnoticed. At Donatekart, we work closely with so many incredible people and NGOs who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of others – and their voices need to be heard.

Through #DonatekartSpotlight, we’ll focus on two causes every week to highlight their work, give you an in-depth look at their organisation, the people behind it and what makes it unique. These stories are all heart, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

When you look at Yuvi Singh and Ashok Singh Sachdeva, you may not think they have many things in common. But speak to them and you’ll see how they both share the same mission. They’ve both spent years selflessly serving others and their stories are truly inspirational.

Yuvi Singh – Animal lover and founder of Animal Protection Foundation

“My only intention is to help the animals in need and that’s what we have been doing since our inception. In the last 10 years, we must have saved around 1000 animals which includes pets too. For all those pet parents who can’t afford to treat their sick pets, we offer them free-of-cost service too,”  – Yuvi

For the last 10 years, Yuvi, a die-hard animal lover, has spent his nights and days taking care of the injured and sick. He has been actively involved in spreading awareness and campaigning about spaying/neutering of strays, the legal rights of stray feeders, and the dangerous ropes that have glass stuck to them and are used in kite-flying. These ropes have killed multiple birds and animals and APF has been working relentlessly to stop people from using them.

Want to know more about Yuvi’s work and how you can support these voiceless animals? Click here.

Ashok Singh Sachdeva – Humanitarian and founder of Jinda Jeev Be Sahara Charitable Society

Ashok Singh started a shelter home by the name of Jinda Jeev Be Sahara Charitable Society in 2014 and now they have 100 residents staying with them. They’re old and helpless and many of them are not in the right mental state too. They can hardly remember their names or even their family members. But Ashok Singh and his team of dedicated volunteers are working very hard to make them feel comfortable and give them a safe home.

“No one deserves to live like this. As soon as we bring them here, we give them a shower and clean clothes. Each day is an opportunity for me to give these unfortunate people the life they dreamed of, the life they deserve. With you by our side, I am certain we can help many more in need.” – Ashok Singh

Ashok Singh often recalls how he used to share his lunch and dinner with people on the road who seemed hungry. Read more about his story here

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