We often underestimate the joy even one meal can bring to someone’s life. Especially those who work hard for every morsel of food they eat.

Hunger still continues to be one of the biggest issues in India, with thousands of families sleeping on empty stomachs every day. The prices of fruits and vegetables make them inaccessible to so many people, especially those who earn minimum wage. These grocery items that are often staples in our homes are a luxury for them.

Eradicating hunger, though not an easy feat, can begin with small acts of kindness. Here are 5 ways we can fight hunger in India:

1. Volunteer your time

There are several NGOs and non-profits across India that are working tirelessly to eradicate hunger. Whether it’s spreading awareness about nutrition or collecting excess fresh food from corporate events, weddings and more, these NGOs are truly dedicated towards this cause. By volunteering your time, you can be a part of the solution on-ground.

2. Donate food and groceries

Whether it’s in your neighbourhood or villages nearby, donating food and groceries is a great way to help underprivileged families, not just in times of crisis, but to fulfil their everyday needs.

3. Support NGOs on crowdfunding platforms

However, if you’re unable to deliver the groceries yourselves, you can always donate towards grocery kits on Donatekart and we’ll ensure the groceries are delivered to the NGOs’ doorstep for them to distribute to those in need.

4. Support local vendors/farmers

Farmers form the backbone of our nation and with commercialisation and capitalism, many of them are left in the dust. Buying local produce from markets or vendors is a great way to support small businesses and ensure they’re able to earn a livelihood.

5. Invest in monthly giving plans

The long-term impact of donating monthly is evident and the Donatekart Social Investment Plan (DK-SIP) is the perfect way to ensure that your mission to eradicate hunger is ongoing and your impact is consistent. Find out more about the advantages of donating monthly here. 

Photo courtesy – Business Today